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Multicultural Calendars
Other Holiday-Related Sites

Kidlink Flag Project

"Discovering Canada" Project

Local and National History

News and Current Affairs

Articles relating to WebQuests
Other Examples of WebQuests
Additional Information Collection Activities

Tele-Field Trips: The American West
The Oregon Trail
California Missions Project

Tele-Field Trips: Ancient Egypt
Egypt and Archaeology through Cyberspace
WebQuests, A Scavenger Hunt, and an Interactive Story

Tele-Field Trips: Russia
The Russian Chronicles

The Landmark Project Site

The Amsterdam/Alaska Project

Virtual Museums
Online Exhibitions
Articles about virtual museums
On-line curriculum guide
Student-produced virtual museums
Data-base Creation
The Viking Net & Other Viking Resources
The California History Web Project
Atlas of Canadian Communities

Amsterdam Social Studies Projects
Electronic Publishing with a Local History Theme
Student-Published Research Projects
The Virtual Renaissance Project
Life in the Middle Ages Middle School Project
LinkAge 2000
Related articles: Publishing on the Web
The Concord Review:A Journal for Student Publications

Other History-Related Topics in This Section

Ancient History

The American West

California History

Ancient Egypt

Russian History

Canadian History



South Africa

Restoration England


Other History-Focused Projects on the Internet

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