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There are a number of non-school based information collection projects which are also excellent resources for teachers of history. The Library of Congress Country Studies / Area Studies Handbook Program has published its first book on the World Wide Web entitled: "Ethiopia--A Country Study" which is hypertext linked with links to other archive materials such as historical photographs and documents. Sites of related interest are From Russia and Ethiopia to the Internet, Ethiopian Jewry Community Origins and History, A Collection of Essays by Dr. Richard Pankhurst, The Story of Sheba and an article from The History Net on Ethiopia's Decisive Victory at Adowa .


Leon Poon at the University of Maryland has created an informative site about the History of China. Links here can be made to a British site "The Silk Road", a related site with information on Chinese art and literature The China Room , and an information rich site on the protests at Tiananmen in 1989 The Gate of Heavenly Peace (which includes original source documents, posters, photographs, and artwork in addition to articles, essays, and book excerpts, containing analysis and interpretation of the 1989 protests).

Here is an up-to-date listing of other Ancient China Sites on the Web as well as information on Student Projects on Ancient China .


In conjunction with the recent release of a film "Restoration" (set in the Court of Charles II of England) the OBS has created a Web site with links to 17th-century cultural and historical resources available on the Internet. Readers are encouraged to contribute known links to what the OBS hopes will become meta-index of 17th-century British history resources (including amongst others The Great Fire of London, The Tyburn Tree: Public Execution in England, and an online version of The London Gazette (1675 & 1692) ). Similarly staff and students from Welford and Wickham Primary School in Berkshire, England have created a hypertext project on Tudors and Stuarts 1485-1714 with links from their own Monarchs of England online directory as well as many external sites (including information on The Restoration from Brown University). Another resources related to this period is Ian Jessiman's comprehensive paper 'A General Study of the Plague in England 1539-1640' and The Gunpowder Plot Pages (the English conspiracy of 1605 by Guy Fawkes and others). A professor in Washington has produced a site dedicated to John Graunt (1620-1674) which contains a lot of biographical and physical descriptions of the period.


The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sponsored several online exhibitions including Israel's Archaeological Treasures, Biblical Jerusalem , Jerusalem in Early Christian Times , and Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views. Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, practices and customs.


The Online Bookstore has taken the initiative to publish Web sites linked to books and films. Their first project was based on the publication of Nelson Mandela's book Long Walk to Freedom which in addition to excerpts from the book contains links to other archived materials including maps, photographs, texts of historical speeches of the period and documents from the African National Congress.

South African War Virtual Library features a timeline of the Boer War, statistical information, and biographies of the leading political and military figures on both sides of the conflict with links to History of the Anglo-Boer War.


This web site has been created to document and explain The History of Cable & Wireless and the family of companies from which it has grown. From its beginning in the 1860's, "Cable & Wireless" has played a major part in the establishment and development of telecommunications around the world. The web site is illustrated throughout with material from the Cable & Wireless collections of photography, film and original documents. In addition there are excellent teachers' resource materials on "The Development of International Telecommunications in the Victorian Era".


Other projects with a historical focus are The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World , SALT made the world go round (a fascinating exploration into the significance, of SALT[NaCl] through the period 1000 BC to the Industrial Revolution ) , Sugar at LSU (a history of sugar production in Louisiana and it's importance to the local economy), The Tower of London Virtual Tour, "The White Rose" , Korea 1935-55, "The Korean War Project" , The Siege and Commune of Paris , "Islamic Architecture in Isfahan" "The Art of Renaissance Science", "The Galileo Project" , Jesuits and the Sciences , Aldus Pius Manutius: Publisher of Renaissance Venice (describes the life, work, and impact of Aldus from 1494 to 1515 and includes beautiful bookbindings from the 16th to the 20 Century), Mutiny on the HMS Bounty , Castles on the Web , Arab Net (a database of information and thumbnail histories from thirteen Middle Eastern countries) , The Napoleon Series (a site in Belgium dedicated to the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte with comprehensive links) , The Mary Rose Virtual Museum in Portsmouth, The LaSalle Shipwreck Project (recovery of 17th century ship which sank off the coast of Texas), Columbus & the Age of Discovery Database (a text retrieval system containing articles from many sources related to various encounter themes), Grolier Online's The American Presidency Encyclopaedia Britannica's Shakespeare and the Globe:Then and Now AND 'Left-Wing Lingo, Ideologies and History' (written by J. Hughes and located on the Web pages of the Democratic Socialists of America).

The History of Education Site is a growing international collection of links to all possible kinds of online information about the history of education and childhood: from simple short overviews to academic papers. Listed are online bibliographies, online education classics and source texts, homepages of research organizations and specialized archives, sites or pages dedicated to important educators from the past, various sites about the history of primary, higher and special education, sites about the daily life of children in the past, etc. All links are commented. The History of Education Site is an initiative of Henk van Setten, who teaches and researches Hist-of-Ed at Nijmegen university, Netherlands. He started this site because the usual Web indices never have a Hist-of-Ed section: it provides an overview that was missing.

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