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Links can be made by students or teachers via the Web to related articles e.g. "Epic of the Peloponnesian War", and an excellent site on Peloponnese History. In conjunction with Tufts University's 'Perseus Project' Thomas Martin has created an extensive 'Overview of Archaic & Classical Greek History' (with over 3000 links to primary materials). The Perseus Project also maintains page of Links to Other Classes Using Perseus which makes interesting reading for teachers. Two projects with links to the Perseus Project is Kevin Glowacki and Nancy Klein's Ancient City of Athens (broken link) , a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of that city and Ed Stephan's Greek World of Mary Renault.

From Dartmouth University there is also a virtual exhibition on The Olympic Games in the Ancient Hellenic World and a teacher has produced a related project entitled Olympic Quest.

Leon Cych, a teacher from the All Souls School in the UK, has created an Ancient Greeks Virtual Tour of the British Museum. In creating such an online exhibition he hopes to illustrate a practical use for the Web for teachers so that they mightt disseminate its use to others. As he explains,

This is a small attempt to show that it can be done by a fairly ordinary primary school teacher with a couple of weeks to spare. The British Museum is a marvellous resource ...and...some schools may not be able to afford travelling down to London - here is one form of substitute.

For more information on the Ancient Greeks see Greek Projects and Resources from this Ancient History page.


Additional background information on WW I can be found at at the The Versailles Treaty Web Site, the growing World War I Document Archive, a site from Australia commemorating Gallipoli 1915, from Canada's military history site there are links to many World War I sites, from England a site with some basic information entitled World War I 1914-1918, American Propaganda Posters, and from Sweden an ftp site containing Paintings and Photographs from WW I.

Mike Iavarone is the person responsible for World War I - Trenches on the Web, a huge site dedicated to the First World War including accounts of the major battles and biographies of contemporary monarchs and military figures. "Trenches" is an evolving project. New material is being added on a constant basis and the webmaster has issued an open invitation to all teachers and students researching the period to contribute material for publication on the WW I Reference Library pages (list of possible topics is also available from these pages).

The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century Web site is a multimedia production that encompasses television, online and print media to explore the history and effect of World War I. The producers of the site encourage visitors to "trace the events surrounding World War I with an interactive timeline, follow the changing face of Europe during World War I with a gallery of maps and locations. discover extensive background information, as well as browse episode synopses and program excerpts featuring World War I historians from each television episode."

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