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Biographies, Historical Maps, Heads of State, and Country Profiles

There are also sites containing reference materials for students of goverment and history, These include lists of Chiefs of State and Government Cabinet Members , a searchable Biography Database (thousands of thumbnail biographies from the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia), Lucidcafe's Biographies Online site, a Biographical Dictionary, a comprehensive list of Rulers of the Byzantine Empire, The Complete List of Popes , An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors (with information and essays about the emperors of Rome), Gail Dedrick's reference on "The Monarchs of Great Britain", a selection of Portraits of Historical Figures from the Perry-Castaneda Library (University of Texas at Austin), The World Factbook 1997, the US Library of Congress Country Studies/Area Handbook Program (which contains studies of 71 countries) .

Microsoft Encarta '97 Online

Recently Microsoft has made a companion edition of it's Encarta 97 CD-ROM Encarta Online available to visitors on the Internet. In addition to a featured topic of the day, there is also a searchable database of hyptertext articles as well as teacher-authored lesson plans.

Note: Using the key word "history" generates few topics. Instead type in the name of the country or person you are looking for.

Historical Maps and an Online Atlas

There are a growing number of historical map web sites which provide useful reference materials. These include Tony Belmonte's Historical Atlas of Europe and the Middle East (broken link), Historical Atlas of Late Antiquity, The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection , Jim Seibold's Cartographic Images Database: Ancient through Renaissance, Medieval Maps of Great Britain, Atlas of the World (collection of maps and satellite images of the world including countries, cities, and regions), Maps of the Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon, and Maps Relating to Islam's Historical Development.

Eyewitness To History

EyeWitness: History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It is a site produced by Ibis Communications, maker of educational resources. Categories include the American Civil War, Medieval Europe, the Old West, 20th Century America, World War I and World War II. Here visitors will find selected accounts of events from each of these periods of history. The site is frequently updated with new feature stories.

Conversations With History is a series of interviews with diplomats, statesmen, soldiers; economists, political analysts; scientists, historians, writers and foreign correspondents. There are text versions of the interviews as well as video excerpts. The site is produced by the Institute of International Studies at the University of California at Berkeley.

Hyperhistory Online

The makers of 'World History Chart' in Canada have published Hyperhistory Online (a series of hyptertext history charts covering 3000 years of world history) which includes online biographies, timelines, historical maps and a rapidly growing bank of other reference materials. (Requires at least Netscape 2.0.)

Columbus and the Age of Discovery

The History Department and Academic Computing Services of Millersville University of Pennsylvania have created and installed a text retrieval system containing over 1000 text articles "relating to both Columbus and the impact of the Age of Discovery". "Some articles are scholarly research papers and speeches taken from respected professional journals and conferences while others are newspaper articles relating more popular themes." (see related article: Columbus and the Wide World Web by Thomas Tirado). Both the Computerized Information Retrieval System on Columbus and the Age of Discovery and its databases are now available via the Internet.


Online Ancient, Medieval and Modern History Sourcebooks

Paul Halsall of Forham University has published three comprehensive meta-sites for students and teachers of history. The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook is a companion to the Internet Medieval Sourcebook and the Internet Modern History Sourcebook. The Medieval Sourcebook is both a classroom resource and the largest collection of online medieval texts. The Ancient and Modern Sourcebooks have a different role: since there are already ample online repositories of texts for these periods, the goal here is to provide and organize texts for use in classroom situations. Links to the larger online collections are provided for those who want to explore further. The distinctive feature of the Sourcebooks' layout remains here - the avoidance of images and multiple "clicking" to find texts.

Professional Journals

Information from professional societies and journals is also available via the World Wide Web. There is 'Essays in History' published by the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia (articles available on-line), The Journal of British Archeology AND the 'History and Historiography' home page which comprises numerous articles and sources.

A recent online initiative The History Net contains numerous full text articles indexed alphabetically according to their magazine of origin. Classics Ireland contains full text articles related to Ancient Roman and Greek history.

History Books Available Online

Some historians have even made books available on the Internet. Examples include: Greek & Roman Cities of Western Turkey , Jacob Burckhardt's Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy , William Prescott's The History of the Conquest of Mexico, Raymond F. Betts' Europe in Retrospect A Brief History of the Past Two Hundred Years, and a translation of The History of the Thirty Years' War by Friedrich Schiller. Don Mabry at Mississippi State University and András Szeitz have made available a number of books on Hungarian history at the Historical Text Archives on Hungary including Austria-Hungary by H Wickham Steed and Walter Phillips, Yves de Daruvar's The Tragic Fate of Hungary, Hungary: A Short History by C. A. Macartney, and Origin of the Rumanians by Endre Haraszti.


Students participating in Model United Nations can join relevant newsgroups or connect directly to the United Nations document information service for the latest news and resolutions. Other Web-based information relating to the United Nations can be found at the World UNPRIFOR site (which details much of the UN's current peacekeeping activities) and the Security Council Resolutions collection (which makes available UN resolutions from 1974 to the present and can be searched by year) from George Mason University and the United Nations Scholars' Workstation at Yale University with some additional information on current UN missions and organizations. To help those researching the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations, The Fourth World Documentation Project contains a comprehensive listing of U.N. documents and submissions in their archives. (These documents may also be found in the geographical listings.


Many national governments as well as international organisations provide information via the Internet. These include the World Bank, the European Union, the British government, the US Department of Defense, other United States government information services "Thomas" , the US Central Intelligence Agency, The Supreme Court of Florida (see history of the legal system), the World Health Organisation, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and the BBC's 'One World On-line' (which includes articles from several international aid agencies) .

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