MARCH - MAY 1994


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Subject: *Multi-cultural Calendar: The Agricola-day

From Finland

Mikael Agricola (1510-1557) was the father of the Finnish writing. He studied in Wittenberg with Martin Luther as teacher. In 1539 he became principal at the Academy of Abo, and in 1554 he became bishop. He died in 1557 on the way home from Moscow. His most famous works are "ABC-kirja", an ABC-book, the "Bibliasta", a book of prayers, and his translation of the Bible. It's not a day when people are free from work, so it's not that special.


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Subject: *Multi-Cultural Calendar: Memorial Day - USA

Memorial Day
May 30

Memorial Day is a day to share the sadness of people who died for our country . You do not celebrate this though. We don't celebrate sadness. It's a National holiday to honor those who died. In Arlington National Cemetery a wreath is placed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to remember all those who have died at war. Flowers are thrown in the oceans in honor of people who died at sea. Tiny flags are put where the soldier's graves are. This day used to be called Decoration Day, sometimes this day is still called it. It is a day when families and friends decorate the graves of solders.

Memorial Day started soon after the Civil War ended. In the South many states also observe another Memorial Day called Confederate Memorial Day in memory of the soldiers who fought in the Confederate Army during the War Between the States. Some ladies in Mississippi took flowers to the graves of both the Union and the Confederate soldiers that were in a cemetery outside their town of Columbus. People from the North thought this was very nice. A man named Francis Miles Finch wrote a poem about it called, "The Blue and the Grey." Blue and Grey were the colors of the two sides. Here is one of the stanzas:

From the silence of sorrowful hours
The desolate mourners go,
Lovingly laden with flowers
Alike for the friend and the foe:

Under the sod and the dew,
Waiting the judgment day;
Under the roses, the Blue;
Under the lilies, the Gray.

One of the markers dividing the North from the South in those days is found in our small town of Delmar. That line is called the Mason-Dixon Line.


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Patriot's Day
April 19
Lexington, Massachusetts

I live in Lexington, Massachusetts and here Patriot's Day is very important. Patriot's Day is important here because on April 19, 1775 the Battle of Lexington and Concord was held. On this day every year there is a re-enactment that happens around six o'clock in the morning. At this re-enactment men dress up as the Minute Men and other men dress up as their opponents, the British. Guns are shot across the field and several men fall to the ground. Then the battle is over. The many men that have died are dragged across the field by the others. Then they leave the battlefield in silence. This started the American Revolution.

This battle would never have happened the way it did if it was not for Paul Revere. He ran through the town yelling "The British are Coming." This helped the Minute Men to get ready to fight even though they could get ready in a minute.


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Subject: *Multi-Cultural Calendar: Maryland Day, March 25th

Maryland Day
March 25

Today is Maryland day. This celebration began in Maryland in 1903. In 1634 Maryland's first colonists left their ships [Ark+Dove] came to land and gave thanks for their safe journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

In the early years schools began by singing about Maryland and America. Often students would read poems or essays they did in honor of Maryland Day. They filled the schools in colors of gold or black. Maryland Day is so popular that Maryland General Assembyl made it an offical holoday in 1916.

We remember the Calvert family of England. George Carvert, first Lord Baltimore, asked British King Charles II for a colony in the New World but he died before he got his wish. The King gave his son, Cecil Calvert, the Charter of Maryland. The Calverts wanted to come to America for religious freedom and they decided that everyone in Maryland would be free to practice whatever religion they wanted. The Maryland Colony was a gift to the Calverts but the King asked them to name the colony after his wife, Queen Henrietta Maria. That is why our state is called 'Mary-land' or Maryland. We have counties named, 'Cecil', 'Baltimore' and 'Calvert.'

On November 22 1633, 140 men and women boarded a ship called "The Ark". They were looking for a place where they could worship as they pleased and a place where hard work would bring success. Cecil Calvert stayed behind in England. The passengers of the Ark and its smaller companion ship, the Dove, survived storms and illness and finally reached the Chesapeake Bay 100 days after leaving England. They were welcomed by friendly tribes of Native Americans who were already living in the area. On March 25, 1634 the Maryland colonists held a special ceremony to give thanks for their safe arrival in their new home. We celebrate that day as 'Maryland Day.'

From students at the Delmar Elementary School Delmar, Maryland


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Subject: *MULTI-CULTURAL CALENDAR: Hawaiian Festival

The Merry Monarch Festival

In April many cities along the coast of Hawaii celabrate The Merry Monarch Festival. It is a time of joy and happyness. The festival lasts two weeks and its full of dancing and joy. It was first celabrated in 1965, and it is in memory of the fun-loving King David Kalakaua. King David was king between 1874-91. He was Hawaii's last ruler. And in the first two weeks in April everyone in Hawaii pays their respects to the lost and great ruler. So if you have the holiday blues gather around some friends and enjoy the Merry Monarch Festival!


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Subject: Multi-Cultural Calendar - Easter Rabbits

The rabbit was a special symbol for people in ancient times because the rabbit stood for birth and new life. A mother hare could have five to six litters a year.

For early people in the country of Egypt, the rabbit was also a symbol of the moon because it fed at night. The moon determines when we celebrate Easter: after the first day of spring or on the Sunday after the full moon.

A German duchess came up with the story of a Easter bunny who laid eggs for children to find. German settlers in the United States spread the custom of the Easter Bunny and the egg hunt. Today this Easter character is known as the Easter rabbit or bbunny. He brings treats and goodies to people. When he visits it is a sign of spring.

This article was written by students at the Center for Modern Languages in Miami, Florida USA.


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Subject: *Multi-Cultural Calendar: Cinco de Mayo


Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in Mexico. The Mexican armies won a big battle on May 5, 1862, against the French army. The French had been occupying Mexico at that time. The Mexican army was outnumbered and underarmed.

At our school we are going to have a carnival after school. The sixth graders in our class are going to have a Mexican potluck during lunch. This is also the day of the Kidlink Celebration, so we will be able to chat with everyone on that day too.

F Valadez, A Romero, M Prado


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Subject: *Multi-Cultural Calendar: Holidays from Israel

Holidays in Israel
May 15

I am going to tell you about Israel national holiday, our independence day. Independence day is the day when Israel became to be a free state. Untill the 14.5.1948 Israel was under the dominion of England. At that day, the last britian left Israel. David ben-Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, declared that Israel is now a state of her own, with a government of her own.That was a very exciting day to the people that lived in Israel at these day because it was like a dream come true.


Eid Festival - Saudi Arabia
March 13, 1994

Asslamu aliakum (Peace be upon you)

Eid Mubarak! As you know it was Eid festival for all Muslims around the world. We celebrated Eid on Sunday, March 13 1994. Eid is celebrated after fasting for 30 or 29 days. It is the festival of Happiness and Joy. When did you celebrate Eid? Where did you pray the Eid prayer?

We got up at 5:00a.m. in the morning. We then went for Eid prayer in the mosque. Eid prayer was held at 6:30a.m. in the morning. After Eid prayer we greated each other and visited other friends and families. This continued for 3 - 4 days. We had almost 10 days holidays. Today was the first day of school. We really enjoyed our Eid vacation. Did you have Eid vacation over there? So, far we could'nt go for Umrah because it was very difficult to get reservation. Can you guess howmany people were performing Umrah every day in Mecca? About 2.5 millions every day. It was very crowded. WE hope to go soon at week end.

I hope this information is useful for you and your friends. I will write more later on.

Till then, Good Bye! Your friend S Husain


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Subject: *Multi-Cultural Calendar:
Ques. for Olya Kulakova in Russia

Olga Kulakova,

Reading about the Day of the Defenders of Fatherland was timely because our social studies class is beginning a unit on Russia. Changes are occuring so rapidly around the world that information gathered a few months previous is outdated. Would you be willing to furnish a small amount of information via computer to one of my students currently completing a project about Russia?

Students from Crockett Elm School Texas


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Subject: Possible KIDPROJ idea?


Back in April S H sent me a beautiful .gif file of the new South African flag. TIME magazine (May 9, 1994) described the moment in history: "On Wednesday morning at at 12:01, the old order formally ended as cheering crowds in the nine new provincial capitals hailed the lowering of apartheid's blue, white and orange flag and the raising of a banner with six colors symbolizing the people, their blood, their land the gold under the ground, the sky- and white for peace."

Recently, Andraz sent me a .gif of the Slovenian flag and this description which I am quoting as he wrote it. Andraz sits at his keyboard with a dictionary and does a beautiful job of writing in English. .....

Now about Slovenian Flag and about Slovenia ;-)

Slovenia is very young country it is 3 years old now. Before we were in the Socialistic federativ republic of Yugoslavia ... :-(

The yellow stars on the flag are fromm the shield of Celye which is one of the Slovenian cities. It is very old and it belonged to the Celyan counts. When the last of them died (he didn't know he was the last) he sad "Celyin counts now and never again" :-( So from here are the three yelow stars.

That mountain in the shield is named TRIGLAV and it is the highest mountain in the Slovenia. It is very beautiful it has three peaks ( I don't know if it ishow you say the top of the mountain).

Under the mountains there is the sea. Now Slovenia has very little of the sea :-( about 2 cm on each Slovenian ;-) But we don't need it more ;-) so there is no problem


Here are my thoughts.... (they always mean work, don't they? )

Is there a project here for KIDPROJ? Could we/should we try to gather .gif's of the many flags that our KIDLINK countries fly? ... and their descriptions, meanings in text? Perhaps this could be part of the Multi-Cultural Calendar since most of us have a special day set aside for national holidays of this sort? We would need help getting .gif files of the flags and perhaps someone out there could volunteer to scan photos of flags or maybe someone knows if such .gif's already exist.

Your ideas, reactions?

( Go to KIDLINK Flag Project.)

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